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Influences and aspirations


Film : Trainspotting, Danny Boyle / Taxi Driver, Martin Scorsese 

Film as a whole offers a way of communicating ideas and telling story. It is the idea of film and cinema as a whole that influences me but these two works are of my favorites. There’s something about film that ,when done right, gives moving images the same profound force as most prestigious artwork.

Painters: Egon Schiele, Mark Rothko, Jean Paul Basquiat

The gesture in all these artists work made me realize that messiness or “faults” are art in themselves. I introduced this idea to my own work and found that I happily learnt things about myself. Whether it was that a particular I couldn’t reason why but I just could not hold a paint brush and let it clumsily prop against my moving finger and the paper below. That just happened to be how I was that day and it showed in that moment. It was a radical idea.

Cartoons: Where the wild things are, Maurice Sendak

When I was younger I wanted to be a cartoonist. Characters like the wild things, The Simpsons, and Wallace and Grommit were my favourite. They weren’t human even, they were colours and lines but I never saw a difference.

Commercial art

Instead of leaping into an obvious lane of fine arts, I am doing a commercial degree. My mum told me “If you do fine arts they’ll think you’re commercial, if you do Design they’ll think you’re quite out there”. I am aspiring to be a little bit ‘radical’ in my design.



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