237.130_A1_Wk1_Task #4_Writing Response


Writing Response to :

“Chapter seven. Conclusion. Notes to myself: Writing from the gut” Kia tau the rangimarie: Kaupapa Maori theory as a resistance against the construction of Maori as other.  Auckland University : Unpublished Masters thesis (excerpt), 1996. 153-154. Print. By Sheilagh Walker.



Sheilagh Walker’s considers the Kaupapa Maori theory as a limiting form of cultural prejudice to maori in an excerpt from her masters thesis : “Notes to myself: Writing from the gut”. Walker’s tone is frustration. The frustration she has is for the academic system in which Maori learn and express in Pakeha education. It is a personal frustration reflected in pronouns “my” and “I”. Her position is as a contributor to Maori theorem by displaying her negative experience in her education. A key idea is that combining Pakeha and Maori culture becomes a “bi-cultural effort”. This explains the tone of frustration and almost anxious state in which Walker delves throughout the excerpt, as she finds again difficulty in producing her work. Although, I hope I am understanding Walker’s frustration, there are holes in my knowledge of such things as Maori education and literature. Although, I resonate with the creative anxiety interlinking her thesis conclusion. I believe asking anyone to do something, or be someone applies pressure, and easily becomes a form of prejudice. Theories upon how one can learn, can be taught, such as the way Maori may learn Pakeha education, although researched, are still only theorized. Walker conveys how when theories cannot be applied to them it is frustrating and limiting but not impossible to find means of expression.







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