237.130_A1_Wk2_Task #2_Field Trip, Site description and Anaylsis

About wearing t-shirts and liking music

Intro to S.B.R

Slow Boat Records, established in 1985, Location Cuba Street

This place could be described as a store selling vinyl, cassette, CDs and other music merchandise. It is New Zealand’s longest running independent record store. Slow boat Records celebrates the physical forms of music and satisfies those who par-take in the current vinyl revive. 


About wearing t-shirts and liking music

I wouldn’t say I know you by the t-shirt you wear, or the places you inhabit. Yet, these decisions assert something about you and you’re less of a stranger. Still strange tho.

The music we listen to represents us but the lack of physicality and visual quality to music fuels a need to represent what we love about the sound we hear. T-Shirts and Music graphics act as visual manifestations of the music we listen to.

Music often comes with an identity, often loved more than the song. Bowie, Jagger, Dylan, Madonna, Love, in this space people finger through their plastic encased faces. The space of Slow Boat Records, overflows with identities. Comfortably, the inhabitants and the t-shirts they wear blend into the Slow Boat library.

Others respond to what we wear because of the individual language that it speaks. Although it is an often that we decide what we wear by grabbing the closest compound of fabric in our sleep dazed reach. Intentions aside, clothing is a visual language. People are invited to like or repel this person we share because a part of ourselves is on display. The action in which you decide what to wear is as much/ or more a part of who you are today than the design on your shirt.

Who made that t-shirt? A mass production warehouse in Thailand, Then it was sold expensive and exclusive at a concert, and finally pawned for coins 10 stores up at the Paper Bag Princess. These silent vinyl lovers have rarely woken before 11am as they have today, and dress cheaply to fund an expensive vinyl addiction. Vinyl in it’s self is another mass produced item, as is your t-shirt, but why would that concern someone when these things make them feel so utterly themselves. Yes, nether the less, love the musically associated physical forms you purchase for the artworks you perceive them to be.



” Selfie? “





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