237.130_A1_Wk2_Task #1_Field Trip, Site description and Anaylsis

Left Bank Graffiti Wall, Visited on 14/03/2016

The mural above was painted by Ruth Robertson Taylor and Rachel Gallaway. The Wellington council in association with visa and resene commissioned Robertson Taylor, a muralist working for Poirua council, and Gallaway to create the piece in 2015.

The use colour and imagery of street art but the intentions of a piece have proven to impact the amount of safety felt by the viewer. The mural has discouraged vandalism in the location formerly known as “Graffiti Alley”.The mural stretches from the entrance of a car port, along the passage to the Left Bank Arcade, famous for Wellington Night Markets.

Although street art the mural is too interpersonal, official and/or non-political to have that same assertive nature that is usual to graffiti art. This mural seems to stand for those who benefit from it: the wellington council, the muralists themselves and the left bank shop owners. Yet, for what ever power it has over making the left bank passage a safe place, this mural bares intentions that stand for the public.

With something like this, either you’re compelled to look at what you find less of an ease for the eyes, you see more to take in. The patches of paint square off areas of the concrete walls. Objects around the car port include cigarette butts (a large amount), dirt, stale water and unidentifiable stains. The place is thick with urban textures, common to your local alley way. Disposed at random, this mixture clashes with a composition full of intention, not to mention the most vibrant colors in the palette.



” Group Selfie? “



Jacobson, Julie. “Culture Clash over ‘graffiti Art'” Culture Clash over ‘graffiti Art’ Nz Herald, 17 June 2007. Web. 14 Mar. 2016.


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