237.130_A1_Wk2_Task #4_Visual Text Anaylsis

What was once Graffiti Alley


Ledge of the Left Bank Wall, details

The marks people leave on the Left Bank Alley. As seen above, the is the original concrete surface cracked with holes, stains of paint in splatters and strokes, small stones, cigarette butts, and the blue of the mural on bricks that look as tho they were previously orange. It was made at random and at accident. No one is indended to see it as it sits on a horizontal step in the mural. It isn’t important. It isn’t nice. I liked it because it shows the progression between the original concrete surface and the painted mural that covers it. I like it because I see this as the Graffiti that is no longer here. It shows several people and the mark they have left on this place in a form that is not tagging. The littering of cigarette butts can be seen as tagging was once seen in the Left Bank.  Every bit of paint is unintentional and dropped their without being commissioned. Its hidden in the mural, that is hidden in the the alley way, It’s own little undiscovered and undemanding composition.


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