237.130_A1_Wk3_Task #2_Writing Response

The author’s Voice 2.0


The tone in which the ideas are conveyed in “Critical thinking” is definite, and self assured whilst  remaining interpersonal. This piece exercises this tone as it’s purpose is primarily for the academic benefit of reader, rather than extended the author with a creative piece. The use of pronouns such as “you” or “we” is a clear indicator of the educational purpose of the piece. Ideas are directed for the reader and are intended to help them create and correct their understandings on critical thinking. Indicated by the multiple names listed as author, The piece was creative collaboratively.

Ideas about the Critical Thinking:

1.”expose you to different ideas”

2. “The role of language”




Wallace, Andrew, Tony Schirato, and Philippa Bright. “Critical Thinking.”Beginning University: Thinking, Researching and Writing for Success. St. Leonards, N.S.W.: Allen & Unwin, 1999. 45-61. Print.


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