237.130_A2_Wk1_Task1_The Essay Project

The Essay Project : Researching the analytical essay.

Part One:

Shown in the diagram below is the basic structure of an analytical essay. As seen, there is a strong emphasis on the clarity of the essay structure. The body of the essay is the delivery of evidence.


Image Source: “This Analytical Essay Outline Will Kick Start Your Writing.” Kibin Blog. Web. 10 Apr. 2016.

Part Two:

Part a & b : An analytical essay is…

The most clarified and structured approach to personal essay writing. Whilst other forms of essay writing require a writer to define themselves through the opinions they produce, the information presented and the overall approach to an analytical essay are what position the writer. That’s what makes analytical essay writing distinct from other genres of academic writing.

Part c : Recommended approaches and processes in analytical essay writing

*Np: This response is based on the information gathered from “The Essay” by Michael Clarke.

Highlighted in Michael Clarke’s “The Essay”, are three key elements to approaching analytical essay writing. The way an individual interprets the assignment, researches the brief and records relevant information, will give a certain level of independence or individuality to an analysis.

INTERPRET THE ASSIGNMENT. A brief will either be very open ended, highly instructive, or a in the middle of both. It is important when looking at either to be aware of what is implicit or explicit in the information you are given. You could identify what is not being explicitly stated in order to make your analysis more well rounded and, later, conclusive.

Once you’ve identified these limitations, expectations ,etc, there’s great thought to be had in RESEARCHING THE BRIEF. No matter how directed you are by other people as to what you should research, it is a process determined by the individual.  It is usually the things that interest an individual that will determine the depths in which an idea is researched.

Now, with the information you stumbled across due to what ever level of interest you have to this assignment, you’ve got to RECORD IT. It’s important to record information in your own words so when you access it use in a formal circumstance, there is a limited risk of plagiarism and you understand the information as your own.



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