237.130_A2_Wk1_Task4a_Video Review

I apologies now, I was not enthused.



I don’t know who these people are and why we need so many of them saying the same thing. Having piano playing in the background makes it hard to listen to because all I’m thinking is “piano, pompus, piano” . Just because you show footage of an art gallery doesn’t make it clearer that your talking about art. This is an overflowing sub-sandwhich that I didn’t really pay attention to.




This was watchable and seeing Martin Scorsese’s face brightened my life. I respect him. He talks with experience and the best part is : it’s just him. I’d rather hear from someone with all the good ideas rather than a bunch of people briefly touching on what they know. I could show this to my grandma and she’d at least know that visual literacy exists because Scorsese speaks normally. It’s relatable. But sources like this are dangerous to me as I get far too interested in the people rather than the content and important information is dangerously secondary.


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