237.130_A2_Wk2_Task3_237.130_A2_Wk2_Task4_Demonstrate visual analysis and contextual knowledge in a paragraph


Toscani, Oliviero. Andy Warhol with Camera. 1974.

Contextual paragraph(s) on Andy Warhol with Camera

Above is the famous polaroid of Andy Warhol taking a polaroid, photographed by Oliviero Toscani. In 1947, Edwin Land produced a camera that preformed the role of a dark room by printing and developing a photograph the instant it was taken. The result, a satisfying experience of holding a moment in your hand, seeing what had been photographed moments before. Initially, Polaroid approached many up and coming artists and offered them sponsorship to promote the technology. Yet, in later years, artists (such as Warhol) seeming to have their own devotion to the polaroid camera.

The photograph reveals distinctive themes of identity, celebrity and art production embodied by Warhol, and portrayed by Toscani. The polaroid is the closest representation of a mirror that a photograph could offer in Warhol’s era. A photograph has the ability to speak for an excessive obsession with self as Warhol is being photographed with a photograph he has already taken of himself. Is he trying to connect with himself ? or does this portrait connect others to this universal feeling of who am i / look at me? You can almost imagine Warhol continuously adjusting himself after each polaroid shot out and proved an identity to be changed, piles of polaroids filling his home so that Warhol can see Warhol.

I guess that’s what we forget about photography, film, is that there was a process that had to occur before you experienced the photograph in physical form. Unlike today in which we see exactly what we are photographing on screen. Polaroid technology was our first look at the obsession with instant.

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