237.130_A2_Wk3_Task5_Reflection on Learning

  1. The most interesting parts of this paper have been the lecture on ideology, the philosophies and theories that have been discussed in video resources, and the incorporation of photography/ film – the way realities and perspective is discussed.

I enjoy Mirzeoff as a basic starting point, and its been best when I’m able to extend towards other resources. The examples of cinema lead me on a path I knew more about and I appreciated the opportunity to study content I liked. The video resources have the most lasting impact on me because they are clear. Where as the readings and the field trip seem harder to apply because they are harder to understand or just find interesting. The field trip was a bit too abstract for me to actually want to use it in my work.

I believed that you had to take lots of notes in lectures – I just listen and apply them later and draw a lot.I didn’t think the process of work would be documented (e.g. blog form) – it has. Excessively.There have been limited creative approaches. The ability to write about something I don’t really want to write about is creative because words appear but they don’t actually say anything.

I think the most important thing encouraged was to link all the information we were given, and to have our own approach as this is not commonly advised by high school curriculum.


Yes I have a different or a new appreciation for a paper like this and its relevance to your desired art or design practice.



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