“Skills, protocols, approaches, tools and knowledge”

  1. Anaylizing and understanding essay questions – INTERPRETING
  2. researching
  3. creating links between found material
  4. learning the purpose and proper use of visual texts in academic writing
  5. Approaches: mind maps, questioning, “Architect writer” and other learning styles
  6. Structuring an Analytical essay. E.g.: thesis, how you will prove that thesis, body paragraphs, topic, claim to evidence
  7. ways to record the information and research to be used in the essay
  8. decided what is useful information
  9. Paraphasing
  10. Credible sources
  11. Visual literacy
  12. Visual Anaylsis
  13. Finding the context of a visual image
  14. Finding books on what you want to know
  15. Reflections
  16. Filtering Ideologies



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