237130_A3_Wk12_Task 4_Draft

01/June/2016: This week I have been drafting and creating my final creative work for my Te Ao Hurihuri assignment. 

After the research I gathered last week, I began questioning how I could apply this to my own creative work. I realized, seen in “Creative Work Draft , Photographic Evidence 2.” (below), a comic book presented pros and cons and could prove difficult to appropriately render my research. These three spreads, taken from my sketch book, show the process of drafting in which I begun at the start of this week.

I have decided to create a stop motion animation representing the symptoms of anxiety disorders in young people. I figure I wanted to use a medium that could form tension and tension is often measured in time and pace (e.g: the sequence of photographs shown with shorter time spans = heightened tension and more demand from viewer). I also view illustration and animation as progressions of narrative and sequence. This metaphorically representative of the often difficult progression of emotions in the mind of some with anxiety or in their progression through diagnosis. This is a technique I have not had much experience with but will try make something as decent as I can. I was highly inspired by the work of artists at  Blankonblank Studios, as their animation possessed so much fluidity to tell the story of people’s conscious thoughts. I wanted my creative work to look inside the mind of someone with anxiety and form a visual representation of that to create some awareness in people who may be experiencing symptoms but have not been diagnosed.

I begun by recording feelings described to me by my sister, Aiko. Aiko said it gets overwhelming, all the thoughts, that she gets to points of helplessness and that it is non stop and unpredictable feelings of fear and inadequacy. Prior to her diagnosis as having server anxiety ,in which I became about as educated as I could, as I was allowed without comprising my own responsibilities and taking on too much upset, there was little difference between anxiety and fear. I wanted to create something quite distinct, quite clearly a representation of how serious anxiety can be in the mind. I wanted to make something that advocated appropriate use of labels.

It’s difficult to find a balance of the influence I am getting from the research I forcing myself to locate (as I need credible substance) and from what  I am surrounded by in my relationship with my sister, constant conversations of my family. This week I created a sequence the drifts from a tangle of arrows and communication beams, to the cloud over the head, and then to make the loose form of a hand wrapped in fabric. Sometimes in everyone will be telling you to get better, driving you to therapy etc , yet, as i’ve noticed, that you start to say things like I can’t even dress myself, how can I go and get better today. And it’s the sleeves you forget to pull up over your hands, its humiliating when you know how clumsy the rest of the world sees you because you stop at the point where you should take care of yourself. I should say it’s the illness as well , it is different to you but it’s part of a life and that validation of an illness impacting someone’s life is purposed in my creative work.

The images I created evolved chaotically to represent a loss of control in life that can trigger a loss of control in the mind, which is something the therapist would say at a initial consultation for Anxiety diagnosis. Motifs and symbols have been created such as swirling clusters of lines to represent undercurrents of depression in patients with Anxiety disorder. The cloud over the figure’s head was an aim to remove identity to eliminate risk of stereotyping or screening the character which I’d become conscious about after reading the academic journals last week.

My work is going to be titled “Symptoms” .What also falls under this title is the representation of mental illness characteristics in society that is not helping the stigma. Although the piece focuses on the internal aspects of mental illness such as anxiety, I believe it is important to place mental illness on a wider, position it in society in some form – to be slightly critical of of current awareness of this matter.


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