237130_A3_Wk10_Task 1_Where it actually begins

Introduction to Assessment 3: Te Ao Hurihuri, “The changing world”

Izzy Hey 16/May

This has become, for all intents and purposes, a collage of a blog post. An the account that I have restarted, repositioned and recollected my thoughts for this assignment without abandoning those already recorded in deleted renderings.

A quick anaylsis of “Visual Activism” (Mirzoeff)

The way we see the world determines what kind of citizen we are in the grand global scheme (Mirzoeff). Our connected world, (to the most extent) entitles expression and interaction. The communication of news is enabled by the digital network. Faster than ever, in the process of online publication information is received  and often triggering of global conversation from online citizens. This is familiar and we are part of this. This feeling of knowing what is happening, things that occur on the other side of the world, have become un-ignorable. What we see is anything, but how we see it, is the changing factor.

In 2011, the Egyptian uprising saw one of the greatest uses of social network and visual enabling to carry out what can be described as “visual activism”. The rebellion was a combination of a population that was young, hungry   and exploited by their government. The case reflected a somewhat common enabler of visual activism, where individuals shared their first hand video recordings, photographs in an uncensored platform of Facebook. This empowered the rebels as they became the direct and honest tellers of the countries condition, without media censorship.

By searching for it, we can uncover what we want to know, where we want to be, sometimes but not always, what we want to see. What we want to see is decided by the producer of the visual images.  The truth is a balancing thing in visual thinking.

On redirecting my assignment to the activism for mental health

Activists almost always act from a point of sympathy. I connected with Johann Hari’s Ted Talk “Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong” (Below), in particular it was the way he talked about his sympathy for those who he knew and his want to understand their illness, that fueled his research. It could be argued, The level in which someone is considerate or sensitive about an issue is highly dependent on the passion they have to deepen their understanding. In saying this I predict a level of difficulty I may encounter with this assigning myself this kind of entitlement to be more understanding than most. Which I am not to many degrees. I know what I know and I want to know more, Lest I become closed off from new research and reliant on my current understanding. Significantly, Issues that are close to us or have influence on our lives force us to be concerned with their solution. The effects of mental illness on my life thus far have left me with an ignorance, less than most but more than I feel comfortable with.

Linked below is the initial blog post I designed to introduce my topic of discussion, tho, after further revise, I wished to make a more formal introduction for my assignment. In saying so, there is the link to the alternate blog post discussing the dysfunctional functioning of a school environment for mentally unwell youth, the misuse of mental illnesses as adjective terms, and whilst touching on the impact mental illness has on family and supporting figures. This extract below is from that post :


[Visual activism is] Making thoughtful assessments of things we feel interest in. Things we’d love to change but a theory of change will have to suffice as a twist in the mind’s want to be “an activist”. Invest in ideas, in the future, as much as the presents state will nag and upset, a bunch of people all thinking nice and conscious will sort stuff out I suppose. This is a discussion, this study, that happens in my head and in my family and in the way I watch people talk and the way I watch movies and the failures and the weird way things succeed that I don’t understand but I want to. This is something soft, sensitive, with layers and little reminders included in the packaging . So much of this I did not know, and I’m going to learn some more and be a real help- not a figurative one, not help to world that I can only visualize it’s extent. For now this is right in front of me.



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